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4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner

Is your air conditioner acting up? Is it dying frequently or does it need a major repair? If so, you may be wondering whether you should just replace the entire unit. A new air conditioner isn't a small investment. However, a new air conditioner may actually save you money over the long-term by reducing your utility costs through greater energy efficiency. There are a number of things to consider before you decide on buying a new unit. Here are four signs that you should skip the repairs and install a new unit instead:

Your air conditioner is old. Air conditioners last a long time, but they don't last forever. If your air conditioner was installed more than a decade ago, it likely doesn't have that many years left. While you may not want to invest in a new air conditioner, chances are good that you will have to do so sometime in the near future anyway. Rather than spending money on a repair, it may make more sense to install a new unit.

If you're facing an especially costly repair. Some air conditioner repairs are fairly inexpensive, but others can be especially expensive and may not be worth the trouble. For example, if your unit needs a new compressor, you could be facing a repair bill of thousands of dollars depending on your specific model. That kind of payment can go a long way towards the cost of a new unit. Also, a failed compressor could signal that the unit is nearing the end of its useful life.

Your unit uses Freon. Many air conditioning companies are moving away from Freon and towards newer refrigerants. As a result, Freon can sometimes be in short supply, and you my find that the prices for a refill of Freon are extremely high. Future refills could be even more challenging. If your unit still runs on Freon, you may want to consider a unit that uses the newer types of refrigerants.

Your unit is inefficient. Air conditioner technology has advanced in such a way that today's new air conditioners are often much more efficient than air conditioners from years ago. You can have your air conditioner inspected to get its efficiency rating. Then compare that rating to the ratings of newer units on the market. If your rating is significantly lower than newer models, you may find that your unit is actually costing you money. Consider getting a new unit to reduce your utility costs.

For more information, contact a company that handles air conditioner installations, such as Classic Heating And Cooling. They can inspect your current unit and recommend whether a new unit is necessary.

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