keeping your duct work clean

Ways To Reduce Your Heating And Cooling Bills

Whether it's the heat of summer or the chill of fall, your HVAC system always has a reason to run. You may feel like you never turn it off! So when your utility bill comes, it's not so shocking to see high numbers. However, if you want to stay comfortable in your own home and reduce that bill, there are ways to make that happen. Consider doing the following things to save money on heating and cooling costs.

Don't Turn It Off During the Day 

Many people get into the habit of turning the air conditioner or heater off when they go away during the day. It seems to make sense, since no one is home while you're at work. However, it costs a lot more money to get your home back to a comfortable temperature once your HVAC system has been off for a few hours. Instead, simply adjust the temperature by 3-6 degrees before you leave the house. You won't be pumping as much money into an empty room, but it'll be much easier to get comfortable once you return. 

Use Fans Wisely

If you own a home with many ceiling fans throughout, it's a smart practice to mix A/C use with ceiling fans to cool your home during the summer. Even though ceiling fans use electricity, they don't require quite as much as an air conditioner does. This alone can reduce your utility bill. However, remember that ceiling fans cool people, not places. Turn them off when you leave the room for even lower bills. And always run a fan counter-clockwise to cool. You can also turn those fans on during the winter (clockwise this time) to blow down warm air from the ceiling.

Get Your HVAC System Serviced

It might seem like an odd thing to get your HVAC system serviced if there are no pressing problems. However, regular maintenance can ensure your system works when you really need it - like on the first freezing night of winter or an especially hot summer day. Every time the season changes, call your HVAC services contractor to clean air ducts and inspect the heating or cooling elements (depending on the impending season). 

Replace Filters Often

Another easy thing to reduce bills is replacing air filters on a monthly basis. These filters clean out your air, but can impede air flow if they become too dirty. Buy filters in bulk for cheaper pricing and constant availability. It's easier to remember to change the air filter when you have a few on hand. 

You can determine how low or high your utility bills are. Make smart choices like the ones above, and save money. 

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keeping your duct work clean

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