keeping your duct work clean

How To Clean Up Your HVAC Circulation System

Heating and AC systems are very dependent on the duct and vent systems. Even if you have the most cutting edge, modern, top-of-the-line furnace or air conditioner, they will all be for naught if your ducts and vents are dirty. There are many junctures in a central HVAC system where the air can get blocked or diverted. This usually results in reduced air flow. Therefore, you have to run your thermostat higher in order to compensate. This is expensive and very hard on your appliances since they need to work harder to pump out the air. This article explains a few things that you can clean to improve your HVAC system.

Locate and Clean the Furnace Output Vent

Every furnace has an output pipe that discharges air outside of the house. This air helps with the circulation of air into the ducts. If you look closely at your furnace, you should notice a pipe that leads into the wall, where it then goes outside your home. On the outside of your home the pipe will stick out of the wall a few inches. It has a small register on the end. This register can get easily clogged if it is not regularly cleaned. Take it off (it should pop right off) and clean both sides of the register. Also, peek into the pipe with a flashlight to make sure there is no further clogging.

Take the Vents off the Wall and Clean Them

Next, clean the vents inside your house. You want to remove the vents from the wall to give them a good cleaning. This just requires the removal of a couple of screws on each vent. Clean the backside of the vent and make sure there are not clogged vents. If a vent is moldy or rusty (this is common in bathrooms) you might want to replace it completely. Having the air coming into your house blow past mold is definitely not healthy. While the vents are removed from the wall you should inspect the ducts with a flashlight. Make sure there is not build-up or clogging deep inside.

If you do notice mold or clogs deep inside your duct system, you should consult a professional HVAC contractor like Thurlow's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. They will come look at your ducts and give you an estimate for a professional clean. This is the best solution for cleaning the areas of your ducts that you cannot reach without professional equipment.

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keeping your duct work clean

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