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5 Reasons To Install A Dehumidifier Before Summer Comes

Summer is almost here, and when temperatures start to rise, so will the humidity levels. Now is the perfect time to install a dehumidifier, which is a device that will remove excess moisture from the air. Such an appliance can be integrated with your furnace and air conditioner. It will coordinate with your thermostat and run on its own; you'll barely be aware of it.

So, why should you install a dehumidifier before the hot, humid summer months roll in? Here are five reasons.

1. Excess humidity can cause mold growth.

Moisture and mold go hand in hand. You may not have any plumbing leaks or leaks in your roof, but if the air inside your home is humid, moisture may accumulate in places like the basement and bathroom. Mold won't be far behind! Mold is annoying to clean up, looks unsightly, and can be hazardous to your health. Some people find themselves fighting cold-like symptoms all summer long, and it turns out to be because their home is overly moist and moldy. A dehumidifier will keep moisture levels down so your house does not develop mold.

2. Excess humidity in the attic is bad for your roof.

Your attic is one of the places where moisture tends to gather first if you have too much humidity in your home. This not only causes mold problems, but it is also bad for your roof. The constant exposure to moist air may cause the wood beneath the roofing shingles to deteriorate. The shingles themselves may also experience excessive deterioration and wear. A roof is not cheap to replace, so you want to do everything you can to preserve it. A dehumidifier is a small investment towards a longer-lasting roof with less damage.

3. A humid home tends to get smelly.

Everyone wants their home to smell nice. You may spend money on candles, air fresheners, and other items to give your home a fresh scent. But the cause of the problem may actually be the moisture in your air. Not only is the mold growth that results from humidity smelly, but humid air also holds onto stinky particles more readily. Odors from pets, the bathroom, and spoiled food will hang around longer in humid air. If you install a dehumidifier, your home will smell fresher, and you may be able to give up some of the other costly products you are buying to mask odors.

4. Humidity destroys building materials.

Almost every building material, from wood to drywall, degrades faster when it is exposed to moisture over the long-term. The drywall may start blistering, or the paint may peel off of it. The wood may start rotting or deteriorating. If you install a dehumidifier, building materials will last longer, and you won't find yourself having to remodel or make updates as often.

5. A dehumidifier helps your air conditioner work more efficiently.

Air conditioners work, in part, by pulling moisture out of the air. However, they can only remove so much, and they tend to get overburdened in the most humid of weather. A dehumidifier removes some of the moisture from the air so your AC unit can work more effectively and under less strain. Your home will stay cooler, and your AC unit may last longer since it won't suffer as much wear and tear.

To learn more about dehumidifiers and their benefits during the hot, humid summer, talk to a contractor who offers HVAC services in your area. These appliances do not take up a lot of space, and they can be installed in the span of one afternoon. 

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