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Why Install Central AC Instead Of Window Units

Tired of your home feeling hot and uncomfortable during the summer? If so, you're likely deciding between which method will be best for installing air conditioning. Window units and a central AC system can both get the job done, but you'll find that central cooling is going to be better for the following reasons.

Window Units Can Damage Your Window

When installing a window air conditioner unit, especially when they are large in size, know that they can cause some damage to your window.  It could be something as simple as scratching the frame or bending the lip that the bottom window sash slides into. If you have a very large unit, you may even need to install external supports for the air conditioner on the outside of your home, or else all of the weight of the air conditioner will be supported by your window frame.

Window Units Are More Expensive To Run

A single window unit may be fine if you want to cool off your bedroom at night, but when it comes to cooling off your entire house, they are just not practical.  You'll need multiple window units strategically installed in your home if you want to make it feel comfortable, and when they are all running at once they will use a lot more electricity than what a central air conditioner would use.  This is because a window unit needs to be constantly running to cool off your home. Using any sort of thermostat to cycle them on and off is going to cause the room to immediately feel hot again.

Central AC Is Quiet

The loud hum of a window air conditioner unit can be very annoying after a while. You may even find yourself having problems hearing your television or having a conversation with another person in the room with you.  

Central air conditioning will be quiet. If you have great windows on your home, you may not even hear the compressor outside when it is running. This makes the cool air the unit provides a seamless part of your house.

Central AC Provides Resale Value

When it comes time to sell your home, know that many buyers view having central air conditioning as a perk. You could actually get more money from your home by having central AC, helping you get some of the money back that you spent on the installation. Window units are often taken with you to the next home and would lose much of their value if sold.

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