keeping your duct work clean

Follow These Tips To Keep Your Heater Running Efficiently

There's no worse feeling than having your heater go out in the middle of winter. If you want to prevent that nightmare scenario from happening, you'll want to follow a regular maintenance plan so you can keep things running smoothly and also fix potential issues before they worsen. To that end, here are a few tips that should help you avoid costly heating repairs and keep your system running smoothly all winter long.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Why put extra wear and tear on your heating system if you don't have to? With a programmable thermostat, you can set your furnace to run only during the times of the day when you actually need it. In other words, your furnace will no longer turn on and heat an empty house in the middle of the day when you are at work. By limiting the amount of time that your furnace is actually turned on, you will increase its lifespan.

Maintain Air Flow With a New Air Filter

Your air filter does the bulk of the work in catching dirt and debris out of the air and maintaining your heating system's air flow. If this filter is blocked with too much gunk, your heating system will have to work much harder than it should have to in order to keep the room or house at the desired temperature. Changing an air filter is relatively simple and should be done at least once a month during heating season.

Take Care of Insulation Issues in Your Home

If your heater is located in your garage, make sure the garage door is properly sealed. Likewise, do a careful inspection of all windows, doors that lead outside, and other areas, like your attic or crawl spaces. If you discover any insulation issues, fix them as soon as possible. A leaky door or window will be sending warm air out of your house, causing your heater to have to turn back on to replace what was lost.

Contact an HVAC Contractor Today

For best results when it comes to keeping heating problems at bay, you should network with a local HVAC contractor and schedule a regular inspection. This contractor can help you change the air filter and inspect key areas of your home for insulation issues, but they can also take a closer look at all aspects of the heating system, taking care of any needed heating repairs. Fixing a small problem with your heater now is much more cost effective than having to do a major repair later.

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keeping your duct work clean

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