keeping your duct work clean

3 Proactive Things Homeowners Can Do To Help Ensure Timely Heating Fuel Delivery

Running out of heating oil or propane can be a very uncomfortable experience. In areas of the country where the temperatures routinely fall below freezing for long periods of time, a home without a working heat source can quickly leave both humans and pets at risk of hypothermia or even death. If your home's heating system uses a fuel that must be delivered by truck and stored in a tank on your property, making sure that the tank is filled in a timely manner the best way to ensure your family's home will remain safe, warm, and comfortable all winter long. 

Make sure house numbers or mailboxes are easily visible

Propane and heating oil delivery service drivers often face challenges of their own when delivering fuel to homes during winter weather. For instance, the need to drive cautiously on icy or snow-covered roads can make it difficult for them to watch for house numbers that may be difficult to see or mailboxes that are partially obscured by snow banks or vegetation.

Replacing faded numbers and removing visible obstructions to make sure that your home's house number is clearly visible from the street can help your heating fuel delivery driver arrive to fill your tank as quickly as possible in situations where time is critical. 

Make sure that driving directions are correct

Families who live in very remote areas often rely solely on tanked heating fuels because piped in fuels like natural gas are unavailable in their areas. This can be a problem for delivery drivers who may be unfamiliar with the area. Missing a turnoff to a a rural driveway, especially when your home is not visible from the road can cause a needed heating fuel delivery to arrive late. 

To help avoid this problem from occurring, rural heating fuel delivery customers should always take time to verify that accurate driving directions to their home are on file with their propane or heating oil delivery service.

Make use of scheduled delivery or top off services

Many heating fuel suppliers offer delivery on a regular, pre-arranged schedule to ensure that customer tanks will not run low. This means the driver runs a regular delivery route in your area and can either fill your tank or add a minimum number of gallons each time they visit so that the tank level remains in a safe zone and the danger of running out is eliminated.

To learn more proactive ways to ensure that your home's fuel tank never falls dangerously low, take time to discuss your situation with your local propane or fuel oil delivery service as soon as possible. 

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keeping your duct work clean

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