keeping your duct work clean

Furnace Problems & No Heat

No heat in a house is not only uncomfortable for the household, but could also be dangerous when there are freezing weather conditions. Dealing with an HVAC system that doesn't product any heat is an even worse situation to be in when it happens suddenly, as there isn't usually a backup heating source available like a space heater. It is not often possible for a homeowner to resolve a problem with their central heater without a technician's assistance, but it depends on what is wrong. If you need to get to the root of what is causing your system to not produce heat so it can be repaired fast, make an appointment with a technician rather than trying to figure things out on your own. No heat from the system can point to one or more problems being present with the furnace.

There Is No Electrical Source

Electricity is important when it comes to a furnace, even if you have one that runs off of oil or gas. If your furnace is unplugged, plugging it in might be all that is needed for the furnace to work. If the furnace is already plugged in and still doesn't work, you might need to turn the circuit breaker on if it is in the off position. Another possible electrical problem is that the outlet where the furnace is plugged into is in need of a repair. An HVAC technician can pinpoint electrical problems that might be affecting the furnace, but you might have to hire an electrician to fix major problems, such as bad wiring.

Too Much Dirt Has Accumulated

Dirt is another thing that can lead to a furnace not producing heat, as it can accumulate a lot throughout the years. There are a few parts that dirt can affect in a furnace, including the pilot orifice by clogging up and the burner. Dirt can also accumulate on the filter that is near the furnace and cause problems. Getting your furnace and filter thoroughly cleaned by an HVAC technician might resolve the heating problem in your house.

The Pilot Is Unable to Stay Ignited

If your pilot doesn't stay ignited, it is why your HVAC doesn't produce any heat. A common reason for a pilot to continuously go out is for there to be something near it that is causing a draft. For example, if your furnace is located in a space that has a door to protect it, drafts can blow out the pilot when people open windows or doors. A pilot can easily be reignited, but you will have to resolve the problem with drafts as well.

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keeping your duct work clean

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