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AC Condenser Issues Homeowners May Have To Address

The part on the outside of your unit regarding the HVAC system is called the condenser. It is made up of several major components that can face issues over the years. Here are some condenser problems you'll probably deal with as a homeowner.

Damaged Run Capacitor

The run capacitor helps your condenser unit's fan motors operate correctly. If the capacitor damages, then you'll likely not be able to get these motors going, and that subsequently affects how the condenser operates.

The run capacitor is a pretty technical component that you don't want to address. Rather, hiring a licensed HVAC contractor is the best way to get this part inspected and repaired correctly. If the capacitor is severely damaged and repairs won't solve the problem, then they may have to switch it out for a brand-new run capacitor.

Rusted Coils

Another aspect that needs to be in good shape for the condenser to work great is the coils. They are pretty exposed to the elements. It's thus not uncommon for rust to develop. If you spot visible signs of rust, you'll want to treat it fast before the rust spreads and affects how the condenser runs.

Dealing with rust is possible if you get some naval jelly. It's designed to break down the consistency of rust. After leaving this jelly on rusted areas for the right amount of time, you can get a scraper and gently remove the rust. It should come off like a tough residue.

Malfunctioning Fan Motor

One of the most recognizable components of an AC condenser is the fans inside. You'll see them turn when the AC unit is active. For the fans to work like they're supposed to, their fan motor needs to be functioning correctly.

If this fan motor does malfunction, you need to hire an AC contractor that is proficient with these technical systems. They need to perform diagnostic tests to see what is causing the fan motor to malfunction. The problem could be as simple as built-up dirt on the inside or one of the wires may be damaged and then needs to be replaced.

The condenser of your AC unit is so important to keep in good shape and running smoothly. If you deal with condenser problems as quickly as you can and ensure repairs are high-quality, then your AC unit will run like it should for years. 

Contact an air conditioning repair contractor for more information.

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