keeping your duct work clean

Is A Ductless Heating And Cooling System Right For Your Home?

A ductless heating and cooling system is touted as a way of saving energy, but there are many other benefits that could make it the right choice for your home. There are some drawbacks, too. If you are in the market for a new heating and cooling system, here are some benefits and disadvantages of a ductless system that you should consider.   Why Should You Select a Ductless System? Read More 

How To Determine If Your Duct Work Needs To Be Repaired

In order to ensure that your home will continue to stay nice and warm throughout the winter months, you will want to be well aware of any signs that there could be an issue with the duct work that is hidden behind the walls. To help you with this, you will want to take a few minutes to read through the following signs of duct work trouble. One Room Is Colder Than The Rest Read More 

3 Common Entry Points For Water Intrusion In Your Home

As a homeowner, one of the main problems that you should be worried about is water intrusion. After all, water that seeps into your home -- even in smaller quantities -- can cause serious damage to just about every component of the house, from the ground up. Luckily, keeping an eye on these three common entry points can help you be prepared for water intrusion that might be an issue in your home. Read More 

2 Key Metrics To Ensure You Have The Most Energy-Efficient Heat Pump

Heat pumps offer heating and cooling services by transferring heat rather than providing the direct heating or cooling itself. The pump essentially transfers warm air back and forth from the outside and inside of your home, depending on the indoor temperature needs. Heat pumps come in a few different varieties but choosing the most energy-efficient model comes down to the same two key metrics regardless of pump type. Still confused? Call in a furnace and air conditioning installation company for more information. Read More 

What Can You Do To Maintain The Heater In Your New Home?

If you're new to home ownership, taking care of a furnace may be new to you as well. Although furnaces don't require a lot of upkeep, knowing what you can do to extend the service life of your new home's heater can save you money. The following tips will help you maintain your home's furnace.  Change the Air Filter ​Your HVAC system has an air filter to clean the air that flows through the ducts. Read More 

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keeping your duct work clean

How long has it been since the duct work that carries the warm and cool air throughout your home has been cleaned? Many homeowners overlook the need to have the duct work cleaned each year. Have you been suffering from more allergy symptoms than you used to? It could be caused by the dirt and dust that is built up inside the duct work. On this blog, you will find tips that can help you keep your duct work clean and how to know when it is time to have the professionals come out and do a thorough cleaning of the entire duct system.

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