keeping your duct work clean

Geothermal Heat Pump: Operations And Benefits

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system that moves heat between the interior and exterior of the house. During the cold season, the heat pump draws heat from the air and dumps it inside. During the hot season, the heat pump draws heat from inside the house and dumps it outside. Some heat pumps exchange heat between indoor and outdoor air, but a geothermal heat pump exchanges heat between indoor air and the ground. Read More 

Can Your Condenser Unit Be Repaired?

Installing a whole new central air system can cost as much as $7,000. With repair prices being so high, it's understandable that many homeowners panic when their AC system begins to fail. While failures can happen at any point in the system, it is often the condenser equipment that is exceptionally costly to repair. When issues begin to develop in your compressor unit, it can feel as though spending thousands to replace the whole assembly is your only option. Read More 

A Properly Running Furnace Is Crucial For The Elderly

When someone gets to an advanced age and they are at the point in their life where they need to be more careful with regards to their health and things like how they are affected by the elements. If you have an elderly loved one that lives where it gets very cold in the winter, you need to watch them closely. If there is no family in the area, then they should have a home health nurse stopping by to check on them and help them regularly. Read More 

High Heating & Cooling Expenses? Two Possible Culprits For You To Explore

No one should take astronomical heating and cooling costs lying down. You deserve the privilege of living in a climate-controlled house with a comfortable temperature that leads to relaxation and relief. When your energy bills start to take on a life of their own, you must get to the bottom of the problem. You work hard for your money, and it's important to make your dollars stretch as far as possible. Read More 

Rapid Cycling: When Your Air Conditioner Keeps Turning On And Off

Rapid cycling, or short cycling, are terms used to describe your air conditioning when it turns on and off without actually cooling down your home. This can waste a lot of energy, without actually helping your home get cooler. If your system turns on and off before reaching the set temperature, a number of problems could be going on with your air conditioner. The air filter could be dirty, causing your system to overheat before it can get the job done. Read More 

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keeping your duct work clean

How long has it been since the duct work that carries the warm and cool air throughout your home has been cleaned? Many homeowners overlook the need to have the duct work cleaned each year. Have you been suffering from more allergy symptoms than you used to? It could be caused by the dirt and dust that is built up inside the duct work. On this blog, you will find tips that can help you keep your duct work clean and how to know when it is time to have the professionals come out and do a thorough cleaning of the entire duct system.

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